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By December 17, 2018Motherhood

As I sat in that ER hospital waiting room, awaiting my turn to be treated for an ongoing tummy bug that was now getting out of hand, I witnessed some disturbing things. Hospitals are such crazy places. The things those staff must see on a daily basis, because what I saw in 4 hrs left me with eyes wide open. But there was one particular experience that shook me up the most.

“Sitting there all smug, look at you.” He snarled out at her, an elderly woman he had walked in with, waiting for a helicopter to land with her son inside. “You are NOTHING. Get out of here.” He shouted, as he walked away.

I felt sick on her behalf. She didn’t even flinch as he spoke these words to her. I had no idea what their situation was but he was being very aggressive with her. I looked around, all the men sat staring down at their cellphones, completely afraid to stand up for this woman, and all the women staring at him with disgust and anger in their eyes. I leaned forward and spoke loudly across the room when he was out of earshot, “just so you know, you are NOT nothing.” She looked at me with nothing but love in her eyes, “Thank you,” she said. And that was that.

He came back and proceeded to verbally abuse the nurses and her some more, even one of the male staff who he totally belittled until one of the female staff stood up to him and told him to stop being rude or they’d need to get security to remove him. It was probably a good thing that the tummy bug had me in such a fragile state physically or I don’t know what words would have come out of my mouth.

That poor woman. That poor Mother. When I walked up for my turn to be seen, my eyes met hers once more and in that moment we exchanged a loving look and an ancient knowing that said: YOU ARE EVERYTHING.

I could feel her strength, she was strong for her children. She is from a different generation to me, one that was mostly taught that a woman has her place and should mostly be seen and not heard. Not that this kind of behaviour, or worse, is not seen today, of course it is, but I think my generation are much more aware that we can walk away and not just accept that sort of abuse, towards us or our children.

YOU ARE EVERYTHING. Let’s make that our new mantra for 2019. For when we are feeling low, or when we need to muster up some more strength, as a woman, as a Mother, as a friend, a daughter, a sister, a wife, a lover.

No matter what your situation, always remember that YOU ARE EVERYTHING. You have a choice, even if that choice is as small as telling your partner that you need a little more help around the house, or as big as reaching out to a friend to tell them that you need help to get out of an abusive relationship, or maybe on the contrary, it’s to choose to say thank you to your partner for all the support they give you.

Whatever your situation, I want you to know that as a woman and a Mother, YOU ARE EVERYTHING. The life force of this earth comes from you, YOU grow a baby inside your body and bring it into this world. YOU MAMA, ARE EVERYTHING. You may not feel that right now, especially if you’re going through the 4th trimester… but it’s true. Look after yourself and know that in time, you’ll feel it too.

Shannon McLaughlin

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Shannon is a Mama to 5 year old Leo, who is the inspiration behind her baby carrier business, Ubuntu Baba. She is passionate about helping new Moms adjust to 'life with baby' through the art of babywearing and talking about the reality of motherhood in the 21st century.

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  • Michele Minnaar says:

    Lovely Shan! Well done for giving that woman something she needed to hear in the moment! Hope you are recovering well from the bug! Xoxo

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